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Welcome to Alvord Educational Foundation

Alvord Educational Foundation's primary purpose is to support the Alvord Unified School District Students through Classroom Enrichment Grants and Scholarships for graduating seniors.

Our Mission Statement: "The Alvord Educational Foundation is dedicated to enriching and expanding educational opportunities for the students in the Alvord Unified School District"



** Attention Alvord Teachers and Staff - The Enrichment Grant Application is now available **

Click HERE to access the application


New Board Member

During our August board meeting we voted in our newest board member. Please join us in welcoming Nancy Wyatt to the AEF Board of Directors.

nancy wyatt


august board meeting1

AEF Board of Directors

Zack Earp - President; Sheri Martine - Vice President; Sara Hughes - Secretary; Neil G. von Koehe - Treasurer

Members: Getty George, Pam Cuthbertson, Jennifer Johnson, Robin Treen, Ben Johnson III, Nancy Wyatt