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Alvord Educational Foundation Spirit Run 2015 Fund Raiser



The Alvord Educational Foundation SPIRIT RUN is being held Saturday, May 23, 2015, at the Zack Earp Stadium,  Norte Vista High School, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.  This community event will encourage running/walking and healthy living through exercise.  Participants at the 2015 SPIRIT RUN will have several choices; a 1 mile walk (4 times around the track), or timed 5K and 10K runs.  We are striving to educate the whole student, and we must include exercise and healthy living in the equation.  We are inviting each of the 22 schools in our District to participate.  Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the 5K and 10K runs. Students from each participating school placing first in the 5K and 10K runs will be awarded medallions.

Early Registration Fees (Before May 15th): T-Shirt and Race Bag are guaranteed for all pre-registered applications.

10K: $25.00     5K: $20.00     1M: $10.00

All AUSD Student’s fees are $5.00 – Must show Student ID or other student proof (Report Card)

Late Registration (May 16 - Day of Race)

10K: $30.00     5K: $25.00     1M: $15.00


Download the Registration Form



35th Annual Spelling Bee

The 35th Annual AUSD Spelling Bee was again held at La Sierra High School Performing Arts Center.

All of the Alvord elementary and middle schools were represented by the winner of each school's Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to all of the participating students and a special congratulations to this year’s Winner, Cache Purcell (Lake Hills),

and Spelling Bee Alternate, Brian Magbanua (Villegas).



Left to Right: Getty George, AEF Vice President; Brian Magbanua; Cache Purcell; and Robert Schwandt AUSD Board Member



2014-15 Grant Awards

This year AEF awarded a total of $21,249.00 in grants to 14 schools. That’s an increase of 2 schools and $5,471.00 from last year!



  • $500 – La Granada: Pep Squad; 25 students, 50 poms
  • $411 – La Granada: Sea World Exploration Trip; 68 Students
  • $815 – Lake Hills: Second Step Resource Center
  • $500 – Promenade: Professional Development Laptop Computers
  • $500 – Promenade Student Council: Learning Laptop Computer
  • $425 – Rosemary Kennedy Learning Center: Sofa, Bean Bags and Rugs
  • $350 – Stokoe: Robotics Club for Lego® Mindstorm EVS Kit
  • $1000 – Stokoe: Brain Pop; purchase access to technology lessons
  • $125 – Twinhill: Health & Wellness to purchase 100 pedometers
  • $416 – Twinhill: Supplies for Academic Success



  • $500 - Arizona: Student Leadership Training
  • $815 – Loma Vista – Media Collection Update; DVDs to replace VHS
  • $600 – Villegas: Teaching Music Theory for 25 copies of 10 songs
  • $816 – Villegas: Teaching Math using purchased Kindle Fire Tablets
  • $250 – Wells: Build a running course for a 3K Fun Run
  • $500 – Wells: Table and supplies for Table Tennis Club
  • $1000 – Wells: Trip to the Museum of Tolerance, 2 classes
  • $200 – Wells: First Trip to RCC for Musical Theater Play



  • $700 – Alvord High School: Christopher’s Cupboard supplies for At-Risk Students
  • $650 – La Sierra High School: Baseball Pitching Mound rebuild
  • $1000 – La Sierra High: Band Flugelhorn Project
  • $1000 – La Sierra High: District Instrument Musical Festival



Hillcrest High School

  • $500 – Scripts and Licenses for Production of “Alice in Wonderland”
  • $640 – Software & Design applications for Yearbook improvements
  • $500 – STRE ARTS M Piano Lab
  • $736 – JetSort coin counting machine for counting student funds
  • $1000 – College Road Trip for 12 students to 11 colleges


Norte Vista High School

  • $1300 – Sister City Leadership Project
  • $400 – Replace worn out soccer equipment
  • $500 – Softball Pitcher’s arm protection; “J” Bands for training
  • $600 – Busing to attend Choir Music Festival
  • $1000 – Purchase Wireless Microphones for Drama Dept
  • $500 – for Auto Washers, Feeders and Compressor for Animal Services
  • $500 – for Laptop and Photo Editing Software for Yearbook
5th Annual Science Fair

The 5th Annual Science Fair once again was held at Hillcrest High School. We continue to be impressed by the incredibly talented students within the Alvord School District. Their Science and Technology projects display the kind of commitment they have to their own education. We commend all of the students who entered a project in this year’s Science Fair as well as the AUSD teachers for their dedication to making a difference in the lives of all their students.

Congratulations to the winners of the 5th Annual Science and Fair.


First Place (going on to the County Fair)

  • 4th Grade from Twinhill Elementary Morrissey Leon “The Future of Energy”
  • 6th Grade From Wells Middle School Adrian Alba from How About Some Salmolella with that Sandwich”
  • 9th Grade from Norte Vista High School John Alba “Mother Nature’s Pharmacy”

 Second Place (going on to County Fair)

  • 5th Grade from Valley View Elementary Hannah Patino “An Alternative to Road Salt”
  • 6th Grade from Villegas Middle School Brian Magbanua “Melting Ice”
  • 9th Grade Carlos Carachure from Norte Vista High “How Toxic is the Black Walnut Leaf?

Third Place (going on to the County Fair)

  • 5th Grade from McAuliffe Elementary Robert Arrington “Wired Science”
  • 7th Grade from Wells Middle School Korina Garcia-Flores “Greywater: It is better to Have in Yards Than in Oceans”
  • 12th Grade From Alvord HS Adrian Rivera, Josh Weber, & Jason Whisenant PERPETU-A-NATOR

 Honorable Mentions (going on to the County Fair)

  • 8th Grade from Villegas Middle School Cole Helfrich Which Type of Bridge Holds the Most Weight?
  • 8th Grade From Villegas Middle School Jena Chakoukani pH and Mussell Shells
  • 5th Grade from McAuliffe Elementary Brianna Callahan “Child’s Play. Harness Your Energy for a Greener Tomorrow”
  • 5th Grade From McAuliffe Elementary Samantha Linneen “Hot Topic”
  • 4th Grade From McAuliffe Elementary Andy Pool “Supercool”
  • 12th Grade From Alvord HS Destiny Gutierrez, Monique Leyva, and Kimberly Rodarte “From Office to Garden”



Five for the Future - A Great Success!


We are so grateful to all of the AUSD Staff that contribute through payroll deduction to help support our efforts in providing classroom funding, scholarships and supporting AUSD events like the Spelling Bee and Science Fair.

Just to recap: The number of contributors increased to 377! All schools exceeded our goal of 5 new participants per site! La Granada, Orrenmaa, RMK, Arizona, Villegas, Wells, and Hillcrest all exceeded 50% participation.

All the money received goes directly back to OUR KIDS in Alvord. Thank you, Thank you!